How To Choose Colors To Paint My House

One of the most important points at the time of renovating our house is to choose the painting. Undoubtedly, painting our home generates a feeling of absolute well-being, but we must be clear about the tones that match the style and decoration of our house. From Pintor Luna, we give you some tips

1 – Before selecting the color to paint our home, we must take into account some details. The final result must be by all the places and synchronize correctly with the furniture and the decoration style of your Home. For example, a tiny room should not be painted in dark colors, or it will look even smaller, in the same way as a large room if you can count on these colors due to its size.

2 – At the time of changing and painting our house, it is convenient to pay attention to some aspects of the psychology of color, that is to say, the emotions transmitted by colors, especially when it comes to the selection of bedrooms.

3 – The yellow, orange and other colors are trendy when choosing the home paint for two fundamental reasons: (*) There is a wide range of cakes, bright, matt, etc., which can give very varied results. (**) They are colors that provide light and amplitude to places, so they are used in small rooms or with little natural lighting.

6 – On the other hand reds can come very well in places where we want to originate some energy, such as access to the house. It is not recommended for bedrooms or the living room because it can be too stimulating.

7-it is essential that before you paint, you safeguard your furniture to prevent it from deteriorating, it is also vital that you sanitize your walls so that the color you use is seen in all its splendor.

What Color Do I Paint My Business?

Numerous investigations driven from the field of psychology show that colors exert a direct effect on our mood. Hence the importance of taking care of this detail when painting the walls of your business. While there are professionals in interior design who can advise you on the most appropriate option – there are specific courses that provide this training – from Pintor Luna, we have summarized the benefits that each tone can bring.

Take into account the sector to which your business or company belongs since this is an important variable when it comes to making your choice.

Red. Stimulates vitality and attention, so it is especially suitable for those who perform tasks that require high concentration, such as proofreaders.

Brown. Like other natural colors, like beige, it has a relaxing effect.

Orange. This color favors interaction and a friendly and informal relationship among workers. For this reason, this option is especially recommended for those organizations that belong to the field of communication or advertising.

Amarillo. It is a good ally of creativity and intellectual work. In particular, the pale tones help to maintain the energy and that the yield does not decline. For this reason, it is a very valid option for those businesses in which routine or repetitive tasks are carried out.

Green. This tonality stimulates concentration and creativity. That is why it is especially recommended for those who are thinking about a change of strategy or have in mind opening up to new markets.

Blue. In addition to giving a sense of peace and tranquility, it contributes to introspection and analyzing our emotions. It is a good option for those businesses where stress sensations usually occur since blue helps to temper people’s spirits. Likewise, it is also very advisable for freelancers to perform creative works, such as writers or graphic designers.

White. It favors objectivity and intellectual work, making it a good alternative for those who require concentration (such as designers, drafters or accountants). Also, it radiates the sensation of asepsis, order, and control.

How To Choose The Color Of The Walls And Guess

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to change the decoration of a house is by changing the color of the walls.

Choosing color is one of the most critical decisions when decorating a home. To get the color right, consider the following factors.

1- The symbolism of colors

Colors have a significant effect on humans that we are not aware of. Use warm colors like red, yellow and orange and create atmospheres that will invite action, conversation and lift the mood.

If you use cool colors such as green and blue, you will create cool spaces that will encourage calm and relaxation.

And if you use neutral tones such as earth tones or gray, you will get very cozy and quiet environments.

2- The dimensions of the stay

The dark colors reduce the space because they convey the feeling that the walls are close and instead clear you will help area look more significant because they have the opposite effect, the walls recede.

3- The orientation of the room

The rooms to the north, are those that receive less light during the day, for that reason they paint them of warm and bright tones.

The south-facing ones, which receive light throughout the day, paint them in fresh colors and those oriented to the east and west, wash them with light colors to appease the orange tone of the light of the sunrise and the sunset.

To facilitate the task of choosing the color, there are virtual simulators to visualize how your house will look before painting. A good example is the Jotun Paint Color Advisor, which allows you to test an infinite number of color combinations. You can color the images of your own home to choose the best option. This is a free and straightforward tool, which also allows you to share the color proposals.

Equally free is the Jotun Color Match mobile application. It permits you to take a picture of the object of the color you want and identify the chosen color. The same use provides different combinations so you can choose the one that best suits the tone you have selected.

This type of tools reduces the risk of making mistakes when choosing the colors of space, since the result of the painting can be visualized before it is made.