How To Choose Colors To Paint My House

One of the most important points at the time of renovating our house is to choose the painting. Undoubtedly, painting our home generates a feeling of absolute well-being, but we must be clear about the tones that match the style and decoration of our house. From Pintor Luna, we give you some tips

1 – Before selecting the color to paint our home, we must take into account some details. The final result must be by all the places and synchronize correctly with the furniture and the decoration style of your Home. For example, a tiny room should not be painted in dark colors, or it will look even smaller, in the same way as a large room if you can count on these colors due to its size.

2 – At the time of changing and painting our house, it is convenient to pay attention to some aspects of the psychology of color, that is to say, the emotions transmitted by colors, especially when it comes to the selection of bedrooms.

3 – The yellow, orange and other colors are trendy when choosing the home paint for two fundamental reasons: (*) There is a wide range of cakes, bright, matt, etc., which can give very varied results. (**) They are colors that provide light and amplitude to places, so they are used in small rooms or with little natural lighting.

6 – On the other hand reds can come very well in places where we want to originate some energy, such as access to the house. It is not recommended for bedrooms or the living room because it can be too stimulating.

7-it is essential that before you paint, you safeguard your furniture to prevent it from deteriorating, it is also vital that you sanitize your walls so that the color you use is seen in all its splendor.