What Color Do I Paint My Business?

Numerous investigations driven from the field of psychology show that colors exert a direct effect on our mood. Hence the importance of taking care of this detail when painting the walls of your business. While there are professionals in interior design who can advise you on the most appropriate option – there are specific courses that provide this training – from Pintor Luna, we have summarized the benefits that each tone can bring.

Take into account the sector to which your business or company belongs since this is an important variable when it comes to making your choice.

Red. Stimulates vitality and attention, so it is especially suitable for those who perform tasks that require high concentration, such as proofreaders.

Brown. Like other natural colors, like beige, it has a relaxing effect.

Orange. This color favors interaction and a friendly and informal relationship among workers. For this reason, this option is especially recommended for those organizations that belong to the field of communication or advertising.

Amarillo. It is a good ally of creativity and intellectual work. In particular, the pale tones help to maintain the energy and that the yield does not decline. For this reason, it is a very valid option for those businesses in which routine or repetitive tasks are carried out.

Green. This tonality stimulates concentration and creativity. That is why it is especially recommended for those who are thinking about a change of strategy or have in mind opening up to new markets.

Blue. In addition to giving a sense of peace and tranquility, it contributes to introspection and analyzing our emotions. It is a good option for those businesses where stress sensations usually occur since blue helps to temper people’s spirits. Likewise, it is also very advisable for freelancers to perform creative works, such as writers or graphic designers.

White. It favors objectivity and intellectual work, making it a good alternative for those who require concentration (such as designers, drafters or accountants). Also, it radiates the sensation of asepsis, order, and control.